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What is unique about the students that graduate from National College of Dance?

"Versatility, authenticity and Individuality. Every day our students work with incredible choreographers who create and develop new works on their bodies and challenge and extend their thoughts on what dance and being creative is. We work with the students to connect with their audience and be emotive and thought provoking."

What kind of culture do you foster at NCD?

"Being unique and individual is really important to us and we try to foster the love of every dancers' gift. Each dancer is to appreciate the gifts and talents of the person next to them and grow and develop their own talents, not compare to the person next to them." 

Why are you passionate about dance and dance education?

"As a young student, I had to travel two hours each way, every day, for good quality training and I promised myself that throughout my career I’d give back to students in regional areas and provide them with the best training within Australia. I’ve had an amazing career both classically and on a contemporary level and had the honour of working with and being mentored by the best in the world. Now it’s my turn to pass my knowledge onto the next generation." 

What are you looking for when dancers audition for NCD?
"Technique, virtuosity, Individuality, potential and passion. Students need to want to succeed, you need to see it from their soul, in their performance and they need to want to learn and take direction."

Elysia Baker