Meet Mindy Upin Jackson: STEPS ON BROADWAY

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Why do you think studying dance in New York City is an invaluable opportunity for international students? 

“There is just so much to explore, learn and grow from! The culture, the energy, the network of creative artists who inspire, teach and with whom one can collaborate is phenomenal. Of course, there are incredible opportunities here to experience, but the adventure is also the takeaway. Even if the visit is not a permanent one, the lessons and experience are invaluable. Information and a new perspective can most certainly be brought home and applied to whatever the next step in a dancer's life may be.”

What are you looking for in prospective students? 

“It is important for me to see your passion and drive, plus the potential for growth and enthusiasm to work hard. Scholarships through our periodic on-site auditions (or along our national and international audition tour) are granted when a dancer demonstrates strong versatility across the genres and an overall level of exceptional merit.”

Students interested in finding a dance program after high school are faced with many choices. What sets Steps apart? 

“Our high standards sets Steps apart. Plus, the expectation to keep classic training and strong technique at the top of the list. Steps has world-renowned instructors who reinforce an atmosphere of professionalism and legacy. On any given day, students can be at the barre next to stars from ABT or New York City Ballet, kicking high with some Rockettes or singing and dancing their hearts out with seasoned Broadway veterans. Being in this environment drives each dancer to do and be better. We want to train the next generation of dancers right alongside seasoned professionals. It's truly a historic and magical place to be, and you can feel that the minute you come off the elevator to sign in for class.”

What do you love most about your job? 

“I love getting to share with the students gems that helped me in my career, offer them things I wish I had in my training, and connect over our love of dance. I love teaching and watching students improve. I love watching my students achieve their dreams and become the artists I knew they could be from first reading their introduction letter.”

Elysia Baker