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Why are you so passionate about dance?

“I have been in this incredible industry since the age of eight years old. Dance has been a part of my life, my inner being and my passion since childhood. I had the incredible privilege of working as a soloist dancer in a number of ballet companies in Europe, thus my passion was even more fuelled as I worked alongside incredible choreographers, directors and fellow artists. Since moving out of performing, I am now in a wonderful position as Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer of the incredible Victorian State Ballet Company. Choreographing and mentoring the next generation of artists is such an honour for me, I feel so inspired by incredible people that surround me on a daily basis. My passion is fuelled and by my dancers and in turn creating works for them is extremely rewarding.”

What is unique about the training offered at Victorian State Ballet?

“The Victorian State Ballet is grounded and founded on a combination of many years of worldwide professional experience, tradition, exposure, knowledge, training, relationship, cultural experience and a unique European flair that sets VSB Company and our Emerging Artist Programs apart from others here in Australia. Years of study of the Vaganova classical ballet system of training in East Berlin, Germany before and during the fall of the Berlin Wall, experiencing the cultures associated with the influence of ballet and historic events all combine to give our dancers a complete, grounded, proven experienced training that has seen many dancers through long and successful careers worldwide.” 

When dancers graduate from your course they are….

"Well prepared mentally, physically, emotionally and artistically for a rich, long-lasting and rewarding career in dance with the Victorian State Ballet or any other renowned classical and contemporary ballet company.”

What are you looking for in dancers who audition for VSB?

“We are looking for dancers who are hardworking, committed, able to trust, well-organised and focused, and prepared to be open to change. To be tolerant and supportive of fellow artists and passionate about persevering in all situations. To love quality of movement and understand the importance of connecting artistically with their audiences above all.”

Elysia Baker