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Why are you so passionate about contemporary dance?

"I believe we need contemporary art to communicate and express ideas, hopes and frustrations and to bring about questioning. Contemporary dance as an art form allows us to communicate and explore these societal ideas in unique and stimulating ways. It evokes ones’ own reactions to these subjects and starts us questioning our views and beliefs. Contemporary dance expands our limiting boundaries we put on ourselves to fit in within our world. I can’t imagine a world without contemporary dance."

Why did SDC decide to have a pre-professional program?

"It became evident that we needed to start offering aspiring professional contemporary dancers the full scope of practises that are required to explore a variety of choreographic processes. Under the direction of Sydney Dance Company's Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela we were able to develop a course with a direct link to the requirements of a professional dancer ready to collaborate in any creative environment. We wanted to find the young aspiring professionals who could tell their stories and be the next generation of socially astute contemporary dance artists. Offering a course along-side our internationally acclaimed professional dance company allows for tremendous networking opportunities and collaboration with many experienced artists."

What is unique about training at SDCPPY?

"Our focus is to develop our technique and artistry, mentally, physically and emotionally by working with a variety of up to 35 national and international choreographers and guest artists each year. Choreographer’s work with the pre-professional dancers between 1 and 3 weeks full-time offering their experience in a collaborative learning environment. By mentoring each student through this process, high levels of maturity and professionalism are cultivated."

When auditioning for future students what are you looking for?

"We are looking for a competent dancer that gives us a glimpse that they are willing and able to transform technical and artistically into a forward thinking contemporary artist. They will indeed need an open mind to start asking important questions that will allow them to dance and move deliberately with precision and presence."

Elysia Baker