Meet Jason Coleman: MINISTRY OF DANCE

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What sets Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance apart?

"The traction in the industry sets us apart. We don't just create dancers, we create INDUSTRY. With the largest Talent Agency in the country, we have more dancers working in the industry. The proof is in their success." 

With such a busy career, what lead you to open your own dance studio?

"Passion and drive and to give back to younger versions of myself. I had the privilege of working in 27 countries and when I came home, I brought all that knowledge and skill together to offer a world-class studio. I am sharing this with the dance community."

What dancers are the best fit for your courses?

"Hard working, open spirited, honest, passionate, positive young people that really want it!!"

"When dancers graduate from JCMOD they are…."

Completely different people from when they arrive. We don't just teach shapes, we shape lives!

Elysia Baker