Meet Anthony Ikin: GLOBAL DANCE PRO

Anthony Ikin and Zac Brazenas, Course Directors

Anthony Ikin and Zac Brazenas, Course Directors

What sets Global Dance Pro apart from the rest?

“I believe our main point of difference is our term 4 LA experience. We take all of our students to LA for term 4 to finish the year off training at the best studios in the world, with the best teachers and choreographers, alongside the best dancers. LA really is the leading global dance hub, so we thought why not make our course include LA.”

What do students have the opportunity to learn during their time with you?

“We provide the very best training in so many styles of dance, but it’s the career and life mentoring from Zac Brazenas and myself that cause the biggest student transformations. We only take around 30 students per year and that is solely due to us wanting to provide superior mentoring to our students, giving them the best possible kick-start to their own dance careers.”

What is your audition process like?

“Our auditions are one-on-one, like a private dance lesson. They are done in person or via a video audition submission. We make sure the whole audition process is fun, time friendly but most importantly educational, whether you get a spot in the course or not we want everyone who auditions to get valuable feedback from us.”

What do you think are essential qualities and skills for a successful dance career?

“A dancers ability / skill set needs to be good, but from all of my years in the industry it’s a dancers drive and kindness that sets them apart. If you get told ‘no’, keep going, with drive, a ‘yes’ is coming. And just be kind, to everyone.”

Deborah Searle